4 Tips For Making Your Storage Space More Welcoming

If you are a long term storage space renter, it can be easy to fall into the habit of putting items into storage but rarely taking them out. Many people have stuff in storage that they do not use for several years, and some even have things they never plan to use again. This collection of old items, often disorganized, can make your storage space unwelcoming and stressful to visit, which can make you go less often. Below are some ways you can spruce up your storage to make you more likely to rotate items from storage into your daily life. 

Organize Your Belongings

The top key to a welcoming storage place is to make it well-organized. Boxes thrown on top of each other without labels can make your space look overwhelming at first glance. Make sure everything in your storage space is labeled and inventoried in a specific section of the room so you can find it easily. There are many blogs about organizing storage spaces, but the trick is to find a method that works for you and stick with it, reorganizing slightly to make room for any new items you put into storage. 

Use Wardrobes Instead of Boxes 

Boxes are a great storage tool, but stack after stack of boxes can be an eye-sore. To help make your place look more inviting, consider buying a few inexpensive wardrobes or dressers to store some of your items in. This will make it easier to access individual items and will make your storage space feel more like a room in a home rather than an uninviting shed area. 

Dedicate a Small Writing Surface

If you keep inventory of your stored belongings, you should dedicate a small writing surface near the door of your storage unit. This can be a small desk but it can also be a table, dresser, or nightstand. Keep a pad of paper and several pens there and always keep it free of clutter to make it easy to take notes. 

Decorate a Bit 

To make your storage space truly inviting, consider decorating it a bit. You can hang a few pictures and, if your storage is in a climate-controlled building, you can put down an inexpensive rug. However, make sure your decorations are not anything you wouldn't mind losing in case they are damaged. All of your more expensive decorations should be properly packed in boxes and stored out of sight.

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