Having A Kid? Clear Out Space By Renting A Storage Unit

After living in a single-family home for a while without any children, you may have most rooms and storage spaces filled up. If you are getting ready to have a kid, you should prepare to make changes to your home because the new addition to your family will demand a lot of space. When you are determined to stay in the same home, you should consider several solutions to gaining more storage space. Read More 

Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit With Good Planning

There are many reasons you might need a storage unit for your belongings. Even when you have to leave a place unexpectedly, you can try to plan out storing your items for maximum benefit. Decide if you'll need access to any of your stuff while it's in storage, and purge any items you don't think you'll use again. If you aren't sure how large of a space you'll need, it will help to overestimate the size of the storage unit you need. Read More 

3 Odd Uses For A Storage Unit

When many people think of personal storage, they picture using a unit to keep things that won't fit inside their house. However, there are actually some great uses for self-storage units that you are unconventional. Temporary Housing Storage Do you have a job that will take you away from home for several months, or do you plan on studying overseas for an entire semester? If so, you'll be leaving all your belongings in an apartment that you are paying the full rent on, even though you are not living there for a long time. Read More 

3 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Storage Facility

Storage units are great places to keep items you simply can't fit in your home. However, with so many different storage facilities from which to choose, finding the right one for you can seem overwhelming. Many may not provide as many services or as much security as others. When you are looking for a storage facility, make sure you follow these three tips. 1. Determine Why You Need the Storage Unit Read More 

Ready To Clear Up Some Space At Home? 4 Tips That Will Help When You Rent Your Storage Unit

If you're tired of using your garage as a storage unit, it's time to take matters into your own hands. It's time to rent a self-storage unit and take back your garage. There are far better things you could be using your garage for, such as a safe space to park your car. If you enjoy home projects, you could also be using your garage as a workshop. The possibilities are endless once you clear out the clutter and rent a storage unit. Read More