Storage Tips For Valuable Items

Storing valuable items and keeping them safe can prove to be quite tricky. Where will you keep those valuable oil paintings you never want to lose? Where do you store your precious photographs and documents that cannot fit in your studio apartment? What about your antique furniture, guns, books and other tools? These are all very important things, and if you cannot keep them with you, you need to locate a safe place to store them. Self storage facilities are the answer. In this article, we will discuss tips on storing valuable items and what to look for in self storage facilities.

Site Security

One of the first you should check out in a facility where you want to store your valuables is the safety and security measures they have taken. Security guards, fences, and surveillance cameras are some of the things to look out for. Find out what security measures the facility takes during different times of the day.

Protection Plans

Most of the top self storage centers offer their customers protection plans. The plans normally vary in detail, but they help defray some parts or all the costs of replacing any damaged or stolen items. Ensure that you read the plan thoroughly to understand what exactly is covered and what is not to avoid nasty surprises if anything like theft, floods, or vermin happens to your items. You will find that some protection plans have a limit on the highest value of your valuables.

Rodent Protection

A dark and quiet environment like a basement or a storage unit is where mice, bugs, and rats thrive. Check if the storage facility has a pest control plan to keep the place from infestations of any kind. Ask the representatives how often they have the center checked and cleaned for vermin.

More Insurance

The protection plan will probably not be enough to cover the loss or damages your valuable possessions suffer. If you possess a homeowners or renters policy, it may be sufficient to make a full cover. However, if it does not, consider having additional insurance just in case.

Be Smart About It

Try not to tempt fate; it might work against you. Consider all the worst case scenarios and plan on the best course of action for each one of them. Consider having a secure safe for valuable documents against fires or would-be thieves. Rent a climate-controlled self storage unit for other items and ensure that furniture and boxes are placed panels and shelves instead of the floor. Pack your possessions in sturdy plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes.

Now you know what you will have to do to ensure the safety of your valuable items. Self storage facilities are the best place to store your precious items. For more information, contact companies like East "O" Street Self Storage LLC.