3 Reasons A Self Storage Unit Can Make Your Next Move Less Stressful

Are you planning to move to a new home soon? Are you starting to worry about how you're ever going to be able to move everything that needs to be moved? Moving can be a huge headache at the best of times, but there are things you can do that can help make the task easier. One thing that can greatly decrease the stress of moving is to rent a self storage unit. Whether you're going to be moving locally or you're going to be going to another state, here are some ways that a storage unit can help:

Organization and decluttering: Your home is probably full of things that you've accumulated over the years. Enough things that you can start to have difficulty deciding what things to move and what should be thrown out or donated. Getting a unit at a self storage facility can help you start to clear out the clutter so that you can start to sort through your belongings. If all you do is temporarily store your unseasonable clothes, this can free up a lot of space so that you have more room to start sorting through the items that are still in your home.

Moving in stages: If you're going to be doing most or all of the move yourself, it may be easier to do everything in stages rather than all at once. For this, you'll need to find a self storage facility that is roughly halfway between your new home and your old. If you're moving to a different city entirely, you should choose a location that is as close as possible to your new city. Meaning that if your new city is west of where you live now, you'll want a self storage facility on the west side of town and not the east side. Once you have your storage unit, you can pack it to hold your lesser-used belongings while you move the most important stuff first. In a couple weeks or months, you can come back and move the rest of your stuff to your new home.

Emergency storage: So you've packed up your moving van and have headed over to your new home. Despite having overlapped the move out/move in times for your old and new homes, something goes amiss at the new place. Perhaps a pipe leaks or perhaps the previous tenant hasn't finished moving out yet. Whatever the case, you're not able to move into the new place just yet and it's too expensive to keep everything in the rented moving truck indefinitely. Having an emergency storage unit to put everything into for a few days can help relieve the stress and allow you to focus on finding somewhere for you and your family to stay for a few days while waiting for your new home to become available.

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