Winterizing Your Self-Storage Unit

If you have a storage unit in an outdoor self-storage facility, there are a few things you can do to guard your items against severe winter weather. Use this guide to prepare for the winter season.

Insulate The Walls And Floors

There are several ways you can insulate the walls to help protect against the cold weather. Place broken-down cardboard boxes along the walls for this project, and secure them with painter's tape, which can be removed easily after winter is over. You can also hang moving blankets along the walls to create insulation. If you need heavy-duty insulation for severe winter cold, consider purchasing a roll of thermal bubble insulation, which can be cut to fit and taped to the walls. For the floors, use cardboard or even old area rugs to protect against the cold weather.

Cover Your Boxes And Furnishings

As snow and ice begin to melt and freeze again, your self-storage unit's roof may become vulnerable to leaks. Protect your items from water damage by covering them. Plastic tarps or sheeting can provide the additional protection you need. The plastic should be placed loosely over boxes and furniture to prevent water from causing condensation, which can also damage your items. You can also cover the ceiling with a large tarp to collect water from leaks. Be sure to check on the tarp throughout the winter so it can be removed and dried out as water begins to collect.

Block Out Drafts

You can use rolled up blankets to prevent drafts from entering underneath the door. This also helps to provide a bit of a barrier against rain, snow, and ice at the opening of the storage unit. To ensure the blankets stay in place as you close the door, bundle them with twine, rope or string, and then secure them to the door with tape. You can also ask permission from the storage facility to place a rubber storm shield strip on the bottom of the door as well. This product can be found at your local hardware store near the garage door openers and accessories. It typically comes in long strips, so you can cut it to fit the exact length of your storage unit door.

Talk to the management at your self-storage facility to see if there are any steps the staff takes to winterize storage units and prepare them for the impending winter weather. In some cases, the staff may be willing to help with insulating and other weatherproofing measures. Contact a facility, like Eagle Airport Car And Mini Storage, to get started.