Packing And Storing Your Record Collection Before A Move

Whether you are a true fan of music or you collect for financial gain, vinyl records can be fun and smart to collect. Unfortunately, ensuring your collection remains safe during a move can be a bit overwhelming. Not only do you make sure the actual records and sleeves are kept in good condition, but you also need to find containers for packing that will help you transport and store your records long term. Here are a few tips to help you pack and store your record collection before moving day.


To get started, make sure to sort through your records so they are organized before your  move. The method of organization does not actually matter, but you should base it on your personal preferences.

For example, many collectors will sort their records by album release date. However, sorting alphabetically by artist name is also an option to consider.


Invest in containers that are specifically designed for storing records. Specialized record cases or crates are available. You can also use wine creates or totes that are made out of a durable plastic or resin material.

Make sure to place each record into the container vertically as opposed to laying them down flat. If the records are lying flat in the container, the vinyl has a higher risk of warping.

Do not remove the records from their sleeves, since they will need this extra layer of protection while in storage.

Pack the records that have been organized together. So, if you have them organized by year, you can pack one year together in one container. No matter how they are organized and packed, be sure to label the exterior of your container with the contents.


You may be surprised by the weight of a box or tote or records, so ask for help transporting when it comes time to move your collection into storage. Having this assistance will reduce your risk of a back injury while also preventing damage to your records.

Even if your collection will be in storage for a short period of time, make sure it is climate-controlled. The excessively high or low temperatures can alter the humidity levels in your storage unit, warping and doing irreversible damage to your record collection.

A climate-controlled unit will ensure your records are stored in a healthy humidity range around the 55 percent mark. Do not sit the containers of records directly on the floor of your storage unit. Place towels, blankets, or a pallet under the containers to create an extra layer of protection.

From organizing and packing to placing into storage, your record collection will go through a great deal during the moving process. This guide will help you keep your records organized and safe for an upcoming move. Contact a storage facility, like National Self Storage - Denver, for more help.