3 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Storage Facility

Storage units are great places to keep items you simply can't fit in your home. However, with so many different storage facilities from which to choose, finding the right one for you can seem overwhelming. Many may not provide as many services or as much security as others. When you are looking for a storage facility, make sure you follow these three tips.

1. Determine Why You Need the Storage Unit

Start by deciding why you need the storage unit. If you are only storing a big item, such as a boat or car, you'll want a big unit with easy access on the ground floor. However, if you are simply storing your Christmas decorations, a smaller unit on an upper floor is fine. It's also important to determine how often you'll need to access the items. A car that you only take out for special shows may not need to be as accessible as a boat you use each month for fishing. Similarly, decide how long the items will be stored. If it's short-term storage while you relocate, organization isn't as important, but if you must frequently access items, you may want a larger unit, so you can organize items better and search through them with ease.  

2. Consider Temperature Controlled Units

Some items need temperature control to prevent damage. If you are storing just a car or boat, you likely don't need temperature control. The unit will provide enough protection from the elements. However, many items can become damaged if the unit gets too hot or too cold. These include photographs, electronics, and many other items. Depending on your region, you may need a temperature controlled unit to prevent any potential damage.

3. Ask About Security Measures

When your items are at a storage facility, you must rely on the facility to keep your items safe, and some have better features than others. Before choosing any storage facility, access their security measures. One of the most important security measures is the gate. The gate should have a lock that requires a code for entry, but it should not be the same code for everyone. It's also best if there is an on-site manager at all times. Last, look for security cameras and lighting, which give criminals no place to hide.

Storage units are a great option for storing cars, boats or items you simply can't fit in your home. With so many from which to choose, it's important you follow these three tips. For more information, contact a local storage unit in your area today and find out about storing your car or items.

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