3 Odd Uses For A Storage Unit

When many people think of personal storage, they picture using a unit to keep things that won't fit inside their house. However, there are actually some great uses for self-storage units that you are unconventional.

Temporary Housing Storage

Do you have a job that will take you away from home for several months, or do you plan on studying overseas for an entire semester? If so, you'll be leaving all your belongings in an apartment that you are paying the full rent on, even though you are not living there for a long time. Rather than pay for a whole apartment, you could temporarily use a storage unit to hold on to your belongings. Everything will be safe when you return, and it will only be a fraction of the overall cost.

No matter how much stuff you have, there is a storage unit that is the right size for you. Do not think that you cannot use self-storage because you have sofas, a bed, or other large furniture.

Practicing Musical Instruments

It takes a lot of practice to get better at a musical instrument, but everyone around you doesn't want to hear you when you are just starting out. If you are living in any situation with shared walls, either an apartment with neighbors or in a house with other people, the loud sounds of practicing a musical instrument can be unbearable.

Consider getting a storage unit to hold on to these instruments and use it for your private jam sessions. A small unit can work great for leaving a drum set fully assembled, or you can use a slightly bigger unit so that you can fit a whole band in there. Lock up the storage unit when you are done, and you will not waste time setting up and breaking down equipment for when you're ready to play.

Check with your self-storage provider about if this type of activity will be allowed. If you are not disturbing others, chances are that they will be okay with it as long as you pay your monthly bill.

Recreational Vehicle Storage

Many recreational vehicles can only be used a certain time of the year. After that, they end up collecting dust until next season. If you have a jet ski, 4x4, boat, or motorcycle taking up way too much room at home, consider storing those in a self-storage unit. The unit will provide a place that is covered and secure, so you'll know it will be there when you return.