Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit With Good Planning

There are many reasons you might need a storage unit for your belongings. Even when you have to leave a place unexpectedly, you can try to plan out storing your items for maximum benefit. Decide if you'll need access to any of your stuff while it's in storage, and purge any items you don't think you'll use again. If you aren't sure how large of a space you'll need, it will help to overestimate the size of the storage unit you need. For a small extra cost, you will have space to move around and organize your belongings when it is in storage.

Plan Your Storage Within the Unit

If you are storing everything you own, it is going to help you tremendously to have a good idea where most things are within the unit. Plan areas for your clothing, bedroom, bathroom, electronics, etc., and label everything that you can. When you think your stuff is going to be in storage for some time, create a map of where your belongings are within the unit. If you need to access anything, you'll know where it is and won't have to move everything around to search.

Invest in a Larger Unit

The monthly cost of a larger unit is worth it when it comes to storing everything you own. You'll be able to create space between your belongings to allow for easier access to most items. When the unit is larger you won't have to worry if everything is going to fit and you'll be able to move things around as necessary. There's few things more frustrating than loading up a storage unit and learning you still have 25% of your stuff to store. 

Find a Rental Close to Your New Living Situation

If possible, look for a storage unit that is close to your new living situation. When you are going to need to visit your unit on a regular basis, a storage unit that is close to where you are living only makes sense. Even if you know you are moving a far distance within a few months, a storage unit close to home is a good idea. You never know if your plans will change and your belongings could end up hundreds of miles away.

Get the most out of your storage units by overestimating your storage needs. Pack your unit carefully, and look for a place that is close to where you are living for easy access.